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4.Patricia Rodriguez -Azul 2- 2017-videoregistro y fotografia.jpg


This is an open database of artists from Ecuador. If you are not included and want to be part of this bank, follow the link to the form that we leave below.

If you want to know more about any artist in this database you can write to us to send you more details to

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Diego Zambrano

Ecuador.  Diego Zambrano.jpg
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Gabriela Serrano Soto

Ecuador. Gabriela Serrano Soto..jpg
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Gino Plaza Vanegas

Ecuador. Gino Plaza Vanegas.jpg
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Hugo Proaño 

Ecuador.  Hugo Proaño.jpeg
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Juan Cristóbal Sánchez

Ecuador. Juan Cristóbal Sánchez.jpg
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Johanna Villavicencio Ordóñez

GOLD_2024 - johanna elizabeth villavicencio ordóñez.jpg
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Nicole Orellana 

Ecuador. Nicole Orellana.png
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Patricia Rodríguez 

1.Patricia Rodriguez -Adarim1997-año 2018-Fotografía performance-100 cm x 100 cm x 3cm.jpg
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Priscila Urdiales

3 - Priscila Urdiales.jpg
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Teo Monsalve

Ecuador. Teo Monsalve..jpg
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